"Keep off the straight and narrow."
Sixteen-year-old misfit Penny Grail is still reeling from the unexplained death of her twin sister when she finds a mysterious writing her sister left behind - a bizzaro teen-road-trip screenplay called BACK ROADS TO VEGAS.  When Penny sets off to make the film herself, a clash with a mysterious biker propels her into the Back Country, a wild parallel America where deep desires emerge as a powerful supernatural abilities.  Following a trail of clues embedded in the cryptic screenplay, Penny must survive a harrowing journey along the haunted and hidden back roads of Appalachia.  At the end, she hopes, she may find the truth behind her sister's fate - and the terrifying secret of her own world-shattering destiny.

BACK ROADS KINGDOM, complete at 116,000 words, is WIZARD OF OZ meets X-MEN for young adult readers. It is set in a unique fantasy world derived from Appalachian myth, folktales and urban legends.

I am seeking a literary agent to represent this novel! Please contact:

Chris O'Neill