A new review of '41' from Richard Propes, a.k.a. "The Independent Critic." (PS, it's a 3.5 out of 4 Star review)!

In other news, the cast list for LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS is up at the RISE website...


ANNIE nominated for four MOTIF MAGAZINE awards (including a Best Director nod for myself!) Please vote at!


ANNIE featured as part of the ProJo's feature story on the Stadium Theater!


The not-used poster for ANNIE at the Stadium, and a link to the New England Theater Mirror Review! Copies of the DVD are on sale now for $30 - email me if you're interested!


My current project is an upcoming concert fundraiser for both Rhode Island Stage Ensemble and Toys for Tots.

Tickets are available now, and I would not kid you about this: it is going to be a tremendous little concert. Maybe the best in all history.



Hey everyone,
'41' is now on sale at a whole bunch of big retail websites like,,,,, If anyone has time, please go to any of those sites and write a positive review of it or even just "Like" it if they have that option.
Once a film is accepted and listed by a vendor (note: some are still in process if not accessible on a site yet), the audience demand is then the primary influencer for retailers who are considering bulk orders of a film for their sites, and if successful there - into their stores. Positive reviews, rankings, sales or demand (or in the case of Netflix subscribers - the 'SAVE' of the film into your queue) are what can make the difference. In addition - individual consumers can be influenced by these testimonials, so it's a good idea to generate positive buzz on the sites to market to those single copy buyers as well.

The sites are all a little different, and you may need to register first, but generally here is what you do:

> Go to the website: (,,,,,
> Search for the film name
> Click on film title for all info and other options.
> 'Like' the film and/or enter a customer review/rating - (the more, the better).

(Note: the sites allow anonymous reviews, etc. and the contact information of the reviewers is not sold or accessible to anyone.)

Thanks to anyone who can help!!!