Penny Lazarus has strayed from the straight and narrow.

A year ago, her twin sister did just the same. She wound up dead, and Penny wants answers. Now, cast adrift in a terrifying alternate America hidden just off the West Virginia Interstate, Penny - seventeen, headstrong and reckless - will stop at nothing until she finds them.

In the universe known as the Back Roads, every individual's deepest desire emerges as a powerful supernatural ability - a Manifest. Penny's Manifest allows her to become invisible, intangible, ghost-like. She'll need it. Around every turn, new predators await: from man-eating mosquitoes to snake-handling zealots, from hex-casting Conjure Men to the slave-trading hell-on-wheels tyrant known as Emperor Sarin. Also, Death himself, who turns out to be kind of a jerk in real life.

By her side, for whatever it's worth, is a fierce mountain-woman werewolf with a bloody past, and a tricky werefox thief who slowly but surely ensnares Penny's heart, entirely against her better instincts.

What Penny hoped to find was the truth behind her sister's fate. But what awaits her at the end of the road is something much bigger - the dark secret of her own world-shattering destiny.

Filled with sweeping emotion and dark humor, BACK ROADS KINGDOM is the first volume in a thrilling new American fantasy saga that weaves together Appalachian folktales and monster-under-the-bed urban legends into a coalpunk epic.

"★★★★★...The characters were brilliantly complex...filled with adventure, good natured hijinks, and some ill-natured trickery...I cannot wait for the second book in the series!" - Author Unpublished Blog